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Organized recruitment
Organized recruitment

Screening hundreds of candidates for a position can be very messy. Keeping contact with everybody can be overwealming and a good organization is required.

Personal management
Transparency with employees

We deeply belive that transparency is key to build a healthy realtionship with your team. Having a space where to share important information with your employees is essential.

Client management
Reporting & Tracability

Having a clear overview of the team and understand its evolution is a strategic advantage for C-level executives.

What is your role in the company?

This is how we can help you

Absences management
Absences management
  • Review employees past and future leaves
  • Approve or reject vacation requests
  • Keep track of unplanned absences such as sick leaves or last minute vacations
  • Manage available absence days
Employees Documents management
  • Store contracts, NDAs and ID pictures in one place
Documents management
Candidates management
Candidates tracking & CV management
  • Keep track of all candidates of your researches
  • Generate CV in corporate style
  • Intelligently search by name and skills among your candidates
  • Take notes on interactions you had with candidates
Employee onboarding
  • Guide your new employees along standard onboarding processes
Employee onboarding
  • Easily see your past absences
  • Plan and request vacations and absences
  • Notify sick leaves
Document management
  • See all documents shared with your company
  • Access you contracts
Document management
Internal ressources
Internal ressources tracking
  • See what skills are available in your company
  • Access CVs of your company workers
  • Give your clients access to CVs and track views
Access Control
Access Control
  • Invite new users
  • Granularly manage users’ permissions to features
Analytics & Reporting
  • Quickly see team absences
  • View candidates recruitment figures
  • Maintain employees contracts
  • Monthly reports with absences, recruitment KPIs and team evolution
Analytics & Reporting

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